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Friday, December 4, 2020

Welcome to the first Fitness Friday Feature!

Interviewing my favourite boss babes in the business and highlighting workouts that will leave you feeling like a whole new woman. 

For many people, when gyms and studios began closing in March due to COVID-19 our regular fitness routines came to a holt. That was until The Sweat Series saved the day! 

Meet Daria! The creator of The Sweat Series, yoga instructor and a total #fitspo. I often think to myself, “How does she balance it all on top of the 9-5 grind?” Well, I got us our answer and more in a recent interview.

Like Daria, I believe movement has the power to transform you into a completely different person. As I always say, “There is nothing that a good sweat can’t fix!”

I began the interview asking Daria why movement is so important to her?

“It helps me clear my head, calm my mind and start my day off on the right foot. I can only show up for others – my fiancé, colleagues, family, if I show up for myself first and foremost.”

Let’s talk about what The Sweat Series is and why Daria started it? 

“When I first moved to downtown Toronto after graduating from University, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of fitness studio options available. I couldn’t find a central database of information about the studios – What’s the vibe like at the studio? Do they offer towel service and blow-dryers if I want to get ready there before work? Which instructors are the best if I want an intense sweat? And which classes are best when I just want to get some light movement in? I found there was no one offering an unbiased opinion. I began to test out studios myself and quickly became the “go-to” person for my friends on where to sweat in the city.”

“Finally, after people telling me for YEARS that I should start my own page/blog, I decided to go for it. I truly think that we are the only thing standing in our own way. It was my fear of showing up publicly and no one liking it/me/following/supporting which kept me from starting The Sweat Series. Once I finally got out of my own way and launched, I knew it was the best decision.” 

And so, The Sweat Series was born! Daria is bringing her followers something she has coined “The Sweat Sched.” The Sweat Sched compiles all of Daria’s fitness class recommendations on the daily. Whether the classes are being broadcasted virtually via Instagram Live, Zoom, Fitness Apps or socially distanced outdoors, Daria has all the current bases covered. 

Did The Sweat Series blossom into something more than you anticipated? 

“Definitely! As I mentioned, it really started off as a platform for reviewing boutique fitness studios/classes. After I launched, I did my yoga teacher training, so a lot of my content now incorporates live yoga classes taught by me or sharing my experience about yoga philosophy.”

“With the fitness industry having to pivot due to the pandemic, my platform has also had to pivot in order to keep up with changes in the industry. I am much more focused on virtual fitness program/class reviews and have started incorporating more of my personal life – how I’m feeling, my meditation practice etc. It has become much more wholesome rather than just focused on reviewing workout classes.”

How do you balance a 9-5 job, your personal fitness, and The Sweat Series? 

“A lot of planning and time management! Most of The Sweat Series stuff happens before or after my day job. It really doesn’t feel like work when it’s your passion project though! I also make sure to time block my days – I book my personal workouts into my calendar and try to get them in before anyone at work can interrupt. For posting on Instagram, a lot of that is pre-filmed so that I don’t have to take time out of my workday.”

“I try to plan my content for the week out over the weekend and have it ready to go in case work gets busier than expected. Lastly, I make sure to take the pressure off! The Sweat Series is what I do for fun, so when I get too stressed out about work, I simply won’t post as much. I think that once your passion project becomes a task to check off of your to-do list, it ceases to be fun.”

What is your current favorite style of workout? 

“I’m trying a new thing lately called listening to my body! After years of forcing myself to do a ton of cardio/HIIT every single day, I now enjoy a variety of workouts – Pilates, mobility, sculpting, HIIT, spin, running. I truly wake up and let my body tell me what type of workout it’s craving each morning. I’ve never felt or even looked better (in my opinion) until I let go of doing workouts I was “supposed” to be doing to get “results” and instead focused on what felt good for me.”

How did you start your yoga journey?

“I’ve wanted to be a yoga teacher for 10+ years but similar to how it took me so long to launch The Sweat Series, I always stood in my own way. I told myself that I would never be a good yoga teacher, and no one would come to my classes.”

“Finally, I convinced myself that I would do the training, and if I wasn’t ‘good enough’ I wouldn’t teach but would do the training for my own benefit. During teacher training when I got up to practice teaching a class for the first time, the feedback the founder of the program/studio I was taking the training with told me ‘I would take your class right now.’ I was so in shock, but at the same time knew that this was what I was meant to be doing – teaching and leading others through yoga. I truly in that moment had never felt more like my authentic self.”

The Sweat Sched has been my saving grace during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have found so many new forms of movement, instructors and communities that I would have never come across without Daria. When I received Daria’s interview questions and read them, I realized the same girl that has been such an inspiration to me had the same self-doubts that I had when creating my blog. Follow your passions and push yourself outside your comfort zones because you never know who you may inspire. 

The Sweat Series is a joint effort between Daria and various fitness studios and instructors. If you are hosting workout classes and would like to be included in the schedule, please send a DM to @thesweatseries on Instagram or e-mail

Stay tuned! I will be testing out Daria’s favourite Banana Bread recipe, Rachel Mansfield’s Vegan Paleo Banana Bread on Treat Yourself Tuesday.


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