Hello, my name is Taylor!

It is so nice to virtually meet you! My name is Taylor, and you guessed it, I’m from Toronto, Canada. A little bit about me: 

  • I am 23 years old
  • I completed my undergrad at the University of Toronto and graduated in 2019.
  • I am currently working towards completing a Master’s of Marketing at the Schulich School of Business.
  • I am a freelance social media manager.
  • My dream job would look a lot alike Emily’s for the Netflix show “Emily in Paris.”
  • I live for adventure and travel; I am a total adrenaline junkie.
  • I am the eldest of two siblings who never fail to make me laugh.
  • I love to cook and bake! Finding ways to make traditionally “unhealthy” dishes more nutritious while still tasting delicious is my specialty. 
  • Living in Canada means making the most of every season. In the winter you can find me on the slopes, and in the summer, there is nothing better than a day spent on the lake. 
  • I have a cat named Lulu that I recused about a year and a half ago. I say cat lightly because she acts more like a dog most days.
  • One of my most favourite foods is Mac n’ Cheese… YUM!
  • I believe the key to personal happiness is prioritizing your mind, body and soul.

I would love to get to know you better! Head over to the contact page and say hello!

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