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Marketing Mondays

Monday, December 7, 2020

Happy Monday! Let’s talk Marketing!

On this week’s segment of Marketing Mondays, we’re talking all about personal branding. Creating a blog was something I had always wanted to do, but I always convinced myself otherwise. Looking back, my biggest fear creating a lifestyle blog was being branded as “just another wanna-be influencer.” The voices in my head told me I didn’t have a niche so why would anyone be interested in reading it? I kept asking myself, “What sets me apart from all of the other bloggers out there?” And then I fell into the toxic rabbit hole of comparing myself to others – popular bloggers and influencers. How was I supposed to create a brand when I don’t even know who I fully am at 23 years old? But then it hit me… Why was I so worried about identifying a brand when I already had one? In fact, we all do.

I am Taylor and I live in Toronto. I am a student, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I am passionate about marketing, fitness, cooking and self-care. It’s as simple as that. Every little attribute about us plays a role in establishing our personal brand.  I found my brand just being myself, and you can too.

I recently came across a podcast called the “Game Changer Podcast” by Erin May Henry – A young female digital creator, business coach and owner of a “multi 6 fig biz.” I immediately fell in love with her messaging and it became one of my instant favorites. The first episode she ever aired is called “Why personal branding?” Henry says: 

“…When I really just stepped into that passion that I knew was such a big part of me, then things just started to fall into place. So, beyond the funnels, beyond the email marketing, beyond all of these strategies that everybody else was teaching, I just came to the conclusion that I really was where I was because I was just building relationships online, showing up with content consistently, engaging with my audience and ultimately just being myself. And I neglected for a while to kind of move my business in that direction because, I mean, I thought how do you really teach people to show up and just teach people how to be themselves? Like that is so intangible, that no one is going to pay for that… but the more I thought about it, it’s what nobody was teaching, it’s what nobody was talking about, and that was probably the reason why… but every single struggle I heard my audience talking about, at the core of that was their personal brand – they weren’t showing up, they weren’t being themselves, they weren’t sharing their message, they didn’t know how to communicate effectively with their audience… and all of that was because they hadn’t developed their personal brand.” 

So, you want to know what your brand is? Being yourself. Go after what you’re passionate about and everything else will fall in place.

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